Thursday, 13 June 2013


Master to Ugwe: "This Panda can't defeat Tylon,He is too fat and lazy".

Ugwe to Master: "You just have to believe in him.He has been chosen".

The Master decided to believe in the Panda and trained him even with doubts in his mind.

The lesson,Ugwe can be likened to God who believes in His children as special even though they don't see themselves that way due to past spiritual or physical failures,just like Gideon in Judges 6.

The Master stands for spiritual leaders who are meant to train people who are considered worthless and poor to become great godly vessels unto God.But because of mind blindness,pride,favouritsm etc decided to look down on such and choose those they feel or believe can do the job even though God has not chosen them.Just like the other 5 warriors the Master chose.

The Panda stands for those who see themselves as worthless,unworthy and sinful even though they have accepted Christ but still struggling with their past,present weakness,fear and doubts.To be continued.


Famous 5:Master Sheifu!What is the fat Panda doing here?Why was he chosen instead of us that you have trained for the job?

Master Sheifu: Don't worry by morning he will give up and go back.

Panda(Paying obeisance):The Famous five!Am so honoured to meet with you.I have heard so much about you.

Famous 5:They looked at him with disgust and disdain.

At their lodge.
Tigress:You don't belong here.

THE LESSON:The Famous 5 are those in life especially in the church who look down on the chosen ones with disgust and feel threatened by their presence,though may be poor but their zeal is unquestionable.

Master Sheifu as I said in lesson 1 are spiritual leaders who are partial and blind spiritual who prefer their own discipled unchosen warriors to the God's chosen ones...
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