Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The many chaos in marriages today can be solved by women.Wives should learn to follow Biblical principles not self principles.I have always believed any woman that knows how to submit to a man and boost his ego will have less problem.

I heard a woman of God years back who told all wives that they should learn to appeal to their husbands as a mini-god instead of challenging their authority. When a daughter of God fulfills all righteousness and the man refuses to change,if he is a believer in Christ,God knows how to break such.

Many Christian wives will always complain about their husbands attitudes. Your complains do not solve anything.Men are not emotional by nature but women are. When you take to nagging and quarrelling with him or depriving him of that thing,a man who loves you may respond back to you less or same with the quarrels.But when you see a man who just keeps quiet and pretend as if you are not there or just walks out of the house you had better be careful.In most cases this is no sign of holiness.

I know this might sound fallacious.While some men can be impossible,women have a lot to do in creating harmony and peace at home. There are many things in marriage that prayers can't solve. I have seen so many wives attending various prayer meetings to bring back peace to their homes,while it worked for some,majority are not seeing result.Why? THEIR IS NO DELIVERANCE OR PRAYERS FOR CHARACTERS. That is something you just have to work upon. Women should use the energy they use in complaining,nagging and fighting to seek for divine wisdom.

Your marriage is not broken by any external force but by internal force-YOU AND YOUR MAN.Any woman that understands her place in the life of a man will have less problem.Many will argue that men are the problems of marriages.While I may not argue with such line of thought,I will like to ask this question which I often ask women in churches or those who come for counselling.CAN ANY WOMAN EVEN ON FACEBOOK TELL ME HOW EVE WAS ABLE TO MAKE ADAM EAT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT EVEN THOUGH ADAM KNEW IT WAS THE FRUIT?I will love to hear answers please.

If you can figure it out,you will know the power you women have to influence your husbands.But,many of you choose to use the power negatively to the detriment of the home.

The truth is many of you don't know how to make your man feel on top of the world.Am not talking about intimacy now.Intimacy is not love.If you think because your man have it with you regularly you had better think twice.I have seen men who are very intimate with their wives and at the same time with many women outside.

You just have to learn to be everything your man wants you to be as long as it does not violate the Word of God.The so-called little things he complains about and you just overlook it,or the attitudes he detest and you keep doing it.

Many women choose to rub shoulders with their men.Men are proud by nature and very egocentric,myself not excluded.Treat them like GENERAL IN THE ARMY.They want to feel and know they are in charge of their homes and not the other way round.That does not make you a slave as I have heard some women complain.
They make mistakes though which is as a result of the way women approach issues with them.Women have intuition and can have better judgement atimes.But when you try to force it on a man,it may not go down lightly.Some may know you are saying the right thing but because of your manner of approach and their own ego,they will still do what they want to do and the whole family will face the consequence.

The best way to tame a man is not by fighting him,reporting him to some or all,making him feel bad or comparing him with other men in order to abuse or challenge him.The best way to do it is to become a virtuous woman and someone who talks softly but persuasively with wisdom.

Men who tend to be promiscuous,though I don't expect such to be in a Christian home but these days we are seeing such even among ministers of the Gospel.While such act is abomination,women will do well to find out what went wrong.It's easy to claim that charm was used on your men but the truth is that in most cases charm is not involved but you are responsible. That is hard one I know.While such men will face their judgement but the pain and sorrows you go through could have been avoided if you played your roles very well.No faithful man suddenly wake up and become promiscuous.It's a process activated by the negative trend at home.


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