Sunday, 25 August 2013

THE ULTIMATE GOAL:Your ultimate goal in life is to please God.When you are able to achieve this,the numbers of opposition don't matter.As a believer in Christ who is afraid to stand for the truth but compromise when the heat is great,you can never attain God's divine purpose for your life.

When you please God,man has no option than to align themselves with you in order to favour you.So many think they have to compromise in order to make a headway in life.Surely you will make a headway but in the direction of hell.
When you try your best to please your boss,parents,spouses etc. at the expense of pleasing God,do you know you are just cheating yourself?

I have always told my inner caucus disciples,though I have very very few people in it because many are not really ready to become a living sacrifice unto Jesus and learn deep spiritual truth,that God reigns supreme on earth.If your life is able to please Him,he makes men to do what ordinarily they won't want to do.God does not need the president's permission to make you anything on earth.

I remembered when I started my business,many never believed I could make a headway with my bull-like spiritual convictions.I just laughed.Today they are ashamed and surprised.

I rather seek the face of God for help than seek the face of men.When you truly live for God,he has no option than to favour you. Their is a level you get to in your relationship with God that you can force Him to what ordinarily He is not ready to do.

Joshua commanded the moon and the sun to stand still and God honored his words.

Elijah said,"If I be a man of God,let fire come down and consume you and your fifty". God honored it.

David went to confront Goliath with a sling and a stone and God honored him.

Joseph was a stranger in Egypt,but he became the prime minister-God honored him.
I can go on giving examples in the Bible.But one thing is common in the lives of these people,they lived a pleasing life before God.

If Christians can live a pleasing life and stop the double standard living they practice,they will experience more victory than defeat.Stop fooling yourself that you have to compromised a little to make it.That is the way of the world.For sound Biblical believers,seek to please God and live the Bible kind of life and see God and angels in action.Have you seen angels in action before?My goodness!You need to see them.

When you please their Creator,they are ready to fight both tooth and nail on your behalf.Every Christian has at least one guardian angel.The more devoted and useful to God the more your angels increase.

You don't expect a governor and a president to have the same level of security? The same thing in God's kingdom. How do you think am able to expose the devil and his kingdom without a strong form of security around me?Do you know the numbers of battles that go on daily because of me in the spirit realm,especially when I was declared wanted in the realm of darkness for the massive destruction am doing to their failed empires?

But the sad truth is that,many of us have made these angels inactive by the unpleasing lifestyles we engage in.When you don't obey their Master,how do you want them to obey you?Let us repent of all these worldly compromising lifestyles and lets make up our minds to live truly serve and live for the God of the Bible we claim to serve.


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