Monday, 16 September 2013


Please,all those who are embarking on THE PROPHETIC WARFARE PROGRAMS should take note of the following.
1.Don't harbour unforgiven spirit.You must forgive all even the very ones that might be the cause of your pains.
2.Do not hold grudge or bitterness against anyone.Free your mind of these poisons.
3.Avoid all forms of anger and quarrels with anyone.But you can demonstrate anger during warfare.
4.Be at peace with all physically,but if you meet any agent in your dream world please tear such to pieces.Don't show mercy there.The enemies you don't deal with on time will deal with you with time.
5.Please never you mention the name of any physical enemy during warfare nor put their pictures in mind.That is witchcraft.Beware!
6.During the warfare days,talk less with people but more with God.
7.If you face attack during the warfare,be excited.Never be discouraged.It means you are hitting the target.The attack is to scare you.Don't be intimidated.
8.If you can abstain from sex as a married spouse,do please.If you or your partner can't,then control the intimacy.
9.If you are having doubts about any part of the instructions,do ask questions please.Don't allow satan to manipulate you.
10.Take note of your dreams and do share with those who can interprete dreams.
11.Be aggressive in prayers.Let the pains of your situation stir you up with dangerous anger in prayers.
12.Please,learn to exercise your authority over those puppies.Let them know you mean business.
13.Speak in tongues violently if you are baptized in the Holy Ghost.
14.After warfare,exercise patience.Miracle can be instantaneous atimes.It might also take up to 3 months for manifestation.So stay focused and don't loose your faith.
15.Always give all the glory to Jesus.He deserves it.Also don't forget to share your testimonies on my wall to encourage those who are still doubting.
16.For all those God has used me to bless,don't forget to support with your widows mite towards the office we looking for in order to help more people to be free from satanic bondage.
17.Never forget that Jesus is THE CHIEF SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE UNIVERSE.Maranatha.


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