Thursday, 12 September 2013


Just because something does not fit into your Theology does not make it false. This was the problem the Jewish leaders had with Christ. His mission/teachings did not fit into their Theology and they therefore criticized and condemned him.

The same thing is repeating itself today. There are some things that are NON-BIBLICAL and there are some that are EXTRA-BIBLICAL. The bottom line of all sermons, revelations or visions should be the object been promoted. It is self or Jesus. WHO you preach is more important than WHAT you preach. Who you preach must certainly affect what you preach.

As I look at Christendom, am more amazed at the way people think and comment on spiritual matters. Instead of seeking the face of God to confirm if what is been said is the truth, we make caricature of the whole matter.

I remembered someone condemning the book of Rick Joyner who happens to be one of my mentors. Claiming all he said is not Biblical. I just looked at the person with pity. Just like Paul said,
If you were opportune to see into the realm of the spirit, you will be stunned by what you will see. If Ezekiel were to share those things he saw in our generation today many will still condemn or make fun of him.

We in the prophetic ministry see a lot of things but maturity plays out in the way we share some of them. I remembered when I taught a pastor about the THE MYSTERY OF ADULTERY. He shouted “BUT NO ONE TAUGHT US THIS WAY”. He could have said, "THAT IS NOT BIBLICAL".
So many of us just think, some of these things are irrelevant and useless. I pray God opens your eyes to spiritual realities before it becomes too late.

I had a prayer partner years back. Both of us had our foundation in Deeper Life then. Although I had already left, we were friends and prayer partners. When I share my knowledge of the spiritual, he would go against it that it was not Biblical. I had to cut him off.

After sometime I went to visit his younger brother who happens to be my friend also. It was then he told me those things I said over a year ago were true. I just didn’t answer him. To cut a long story short, though a strong believer in Christ he died mysteriously later. God help us.
All things must be judged not just by the Word alone but also by The Spirit. There are many books not written in the Bible. There are also deep spiritual books in heaven that are revealed to few on earth who were favoured to see such. I have been opportune once to see such.
There are deep things angels have taught some about God, life and the heavenlies. There are other deep things the Holy Spirit has taught many also. The acid test that I use to judge all revelations and visions are:
1.    Who is been promoted? Jesus, self or satan.
2.    What is the impact of such? Does it make people to fear and serve God the more?
3.    Does it increase God’s consciousness or makes men to mock God?
4.    Does it have any Biblical link?
5.    How humble is the one presenting such?
6.    Are people saved or hardened through such?
7.    What is the spiritual intent of such?
8.    Does the Holy Spirit confirm such as true in my spirit man?
9.    What is the lifestyle of the person presenting such over a period of time?
These are just few of my guidelines I use in viewing anything I hear or read. The rapture is at hand. We are going to see more of these both false and genuine. We should therefore be vast in the Scriptures and also be attentive to the Holy Spirit.
I remember when I was just less than 2 years in the faith. My elder brother’s friend who claimed to be a Christian then loves sharing mysteries with me. He told me many things like;
1.    The symbolic meaning of the hands and legs of Christ that were pierced with nails.
2.    That some names of God and powerful angels were removed from the Bible. That David called on an angel before killing Goliath and also the three Hebrew men that were cast into the furnace of fire.
3.    That great ministers use some books which they keep secret.
4.    He mentioned books like THE BOOK OF HEAVENS, THE GREATER KEY OF SOLOMON etc.
At a point I told him I wanted to see one of such books. These things he is sharing are not in the Bible. Why? I was taking all what he was saying with a pinch of salt. Though I had not grown well in Christ but something in me was not flowing with his esoteric knowledge.
The day he brought one of the books titled THE GREATER KEYS OF SOLOMON. As I opened and saw many diagrams like the pentagram, I shouted “THIS IS AN OCCULTIC BOOK”. He told me I should not shout that people will think he is an occult man. I just told him to take the Bible serious and do away with such book.

There is need for discernment in this endtime. It’s not enough quoting the Scriptures to support something. We must know the spirit behind it. Devils can also teach the Gospel Truth but with the intent to manipulate. That is why we have so many false teachers and prophets who are possessed by demons.

In conclusion let’s be careful by what we term false or genuine. The Holy Spirit is there to guide. This is why I emphasize developing a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit which many Christians don’t take serious. God help us all. 


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