Friday, 6 September 2013


Instead of you to allow satan to manipulate you into turning COUNSELING into "SEXELING",the following tips can help you.
1.Never allow indecent dressing before you.Tell them to always dress well.If one should come like that.Have a spare cloth to give to such.
2.Never become over emotional with people's case.You can RELATE with it but never RESONATE with it.
3.Always be in control of the discussion.I have been in counseling where I have to cut discussion short to assert my control.
4.Never allow sexual discussion to go out of context.You are the counselor not the person's husband or lover.
5.Don't counsel in a closed door office with opposite sex.If possible,let someone stay opposite the door but far away from hearing what is being said.
6.If you can afford it,have a CCTV camera in your office to video all events.
7.If the case is really about sexual matter,with permission ask the woman if she will permit your wife to be involved or handle her.Some will but some won't.If you are not a professional in handling sex related cases which many ministers are naive about,please refer her to the appropriate authority.
8.Focus on the issue at hand and not on the person.Some ministers are carried away with the beauty and body physique of some ladies.Don't be distracted.If you are the emotional unstable person or you have challenge with lust,I advice you allow your wife handle such.
9.Don't be too jovial with opposite sex.It might lead to something else.Some might mis-interpret your intentions.
10.Learn to discern people you counsel.Some are agents of darkness whose aim is to pull you down.Like one that came to me.I discerned who she is and even told her who she was.You needed to see how startled she was asking me who told me?
10.When counseling,guide your heart against immoral thoughts because demons can be around to project such into you.
11.While looking straight at the face of the person you are counseling is good but it can become a point of contact for demons to project lust into you especially when you are dealing with those possessed with immoral spirits.
12.Restrict your counseling to your office.Going to continue it else where is not advisable.And if need be,go with someone else please.Some have innocently destroyed their testimonies via this.
13.Learn to record counseling section atimes.It helps you to listen to yourself and see what and what you can improve on.It can also be an evidence to save you from mischievious souls.
14.Let there be a big table between you and the counsellee.It helps to distant contact.A pastor fell when the lady started using her feet to romance his shoe.God help us.
15.If there is need for deliverance,be careful how you go about it.If it's a serious case allow one or two of your ministers to join you.Even if you will lay hands,try and control the person if there is manifestation.A marine lady wanted to use her breast to hit my chest while praying for her.I had to push her backward and told my team to hold her.Another one fell and was carrying her legs up trying to show her ...I just told them to tie her legs up.Just be careful.Nowadays,I prefer holding their hands while sitting across the table to pray for such.
16.When counseling through phone,try to control the discussion and always redirect the discussion to the main issue.I was counseling a lady who started toasting me.Hmm!I had to help the person to change her mindset.She complained about the husband.I had to help her redirect that emotional energy to the husband.
17.Always be prayerful and discerning when counseling.Be over conscious of the presence of God and put your head/heart straight.You are to help people not compound their problems.God help us.

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