Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The Bible declares in Psalm 11:3,


House bondage is one area the devil is having access into the lives of people. I write from my African experience. Many house owners have gone into some diabolical issues to secure their houses or affect the tenants occupying their houses.

Some have buried demonic items in the foundations of their buildings. Some at the four corners of their compounds. Some at the main gate and main entrance to the building or the entrance to each flat.

There are others who hang evil items at one corner of the building or at the inside top entrance of the door. There are some who do theirs into enchanted objects like wall clocks, trees, statues, art designs on walls.  Some even hid those things in the hole of the block used for building the house. Some dug holes in front of each door to each room or in the middle of the room and buried it there.

There are still others who have surrendered the house for witches and wizards to hold meetings there. Some even allow cult meetings to hold there. There are some who do terrible things to steal the glory and virtues of their tenants.

There are houses you pack into full and you become empty after. There houses that no one succeeds or achieve anything tangible in life. There are others known for mysterious deaths or happenings. So many people have been held bound by demonic forces in such places.

How can one live in a house since you were single, got married, gave birth to kids, the kids grew up and you are still there? In some cases NOT IN ALL MIND YOU the problem may be from the house itself.

There are house owners whose major intentions is to use the glory of people to make wealth and riches. Those affected mostly are the weak in spirits. I once entered a compound and I was shocked at the myriads of demons in the compound of that house. How do you expect tenants in such a house to succeed?

A sister just told me of recent how she went for prayers and she was told that the house she is living in is owned by an occult man. The man is using the stars of his tenants to make wealth. She should pack away from that place.

This was someone things were working for before she packed into this self-contain apartment. She lost her job after she packed in and things went from bad to worse. Due to her been prayerful the owner of the house wants her to leave now.

So many joke with this issue. God help you. Sometime ago, I went to pray for a house owner. As I stepped into the compound I saw a wall clock on the front wall of the compound and also a palm tree in the compound. I discerned these things were demonic. MIND YOU NOT ALL SO THAT YOU DON'T GO WITCH HUNTING.

I asked the owner about these things and the person confirmed what I discerned. How do you want people to prosper in such a place? A lady was experiencing spiritual challenges in the compound she was living. She prayed until the landlady packed out of that house.

We live in a wicked devilish world where people can do anything to get what they want. Are you been influenced or held in bondage due to the house you live? Jesus can set you free.

I will continue in another post to reveal how to know you are living in a demonic house. You need this knowledge before you can embark on the warfare to set yourself free. 


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