Monday, 10 March 2014


  • Standing on the pulpit to preach and teach alone is lovely.But going into spiritual warfare on behalf of people is no fun at all.
    Many don't know and understand what wrestling with powers of darkness entails.They think it's just mumbling some words.

    Spiritual warfare drains the physical energy of the body leaving it weak.It makes one open to attacks from the hosts of hell.

    Have you experience a situation where you want to set someone free and the person or persons behind the case appears to you and threatens to deal with you if you go ahead with it?

    It's a common experience with me.That is what really encourages me. IT CAN BE FRIGHTENING ATIMES BUT GREATER IS HE WHO IS ME THAN THE ONE IN THEM.

    This is real and those who have gone deep into spiritual warfare and having the ability to see the into the spirit realm will testify to this.Though there are many who experience theirs in dreams.

    For three days now I have not slept well due to cases one is handling.Not because I was doing vigils but I can't just sleep.This night was worse.I started dozing off around 4am and had to wake up to 6 to prepare for work.

    Will I retreat because of fierce battles? No way.But I have to watch my health as well because it's telling on it already.

    There are cases I hear that will make many ministers afraid or cautious.I have seen and heard so many things.Nothing really surprises me again.As long as the person involve is a Christian and committed I can take that risk.

    There are those who after you have told them what to do and fix a time for their prayer freedom allow demonic manipulation to influence them.They miss appointment by giving flimsy excuses.Some don't even call to apologize for missing appointment.They don't know the spiritual stress they've put one through.I shake my head at such and see it as unseriousness.Nothing at stake because they were not heavily charged financially.If they were they won't want to lose their investment.

    There are those who seek help.After giving them divine instruction to follow chose to do their will.Unknown to you,you have gone into warfare on their behalf with the hope they've done their part only to meet stiff opposition in the spirit realm and you get perplexed and discover they've disobeyed.

    Many fail to understand dealing with demons and their agents is a great herculean task.Many ministers can teach and preach anything about this issue but we in this line of work know many of them are just been hypocritical as they have lots of spiritual challenges which their pride will not allow them to admit.

    I cherish my time and health.If I seem not to respond to your request for help or stop responding to your request for help,no for sure I have nothing personal against you but my spirit may not flow with you again,or you are just sapping me and adding no value to my course or you have disobeyed instructions I gave to you.Possible,you might be living a double standard lifestyle and that gets at me unknown to you.

    There are those who think it's compulsory I attend to them.Do you know the stress I go through meditating,typing and seeking divine help and direction for people?

    Finally,this life is war.You may be taught something contrary.That is your choice.Reality stirs us in the face.Many shy away from this line of work.God help all those in this line of work.

    Dear colleague in this line of work please do take good care of your.If you die,most of this people who are draining you won't miss you.They will just switch over to someone else.Watch your life/health and apply wisdom.

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