Saturday, 15 March 2014


There is a price for freedom.It cost Christ His life to free humanity.
What are you willing to sacrifice to God to get your own freedom from Him?
It is easy to shout and pray but when it comes to giving,all hell is broken lose.

Life is all about sacrifice.Your status in life is a function of the degree and quality of your sacrifice.

Unbelievers can give anything to get wealth and position even killing a human being for rituals.But many Christians are very selfish and stingy when it comes to sacrificial givings.

The devil knows too well that sacrifice is needed for total freedom.He allows many to pray and fast but when it comes to giving,he will oppose them.

Many will not find it difficult to pay false prophets and soothsayers their fees when it comes to spiritual issues.But raise financial needs in the church,you begin to see many grumbling.

Like someone who called me yesterday via searching for solution to freedom from witchcraft.His son of 6 years was initiated into witchcraft and he wants him to be free.The prophet he was told to consult demanded for #200,000.If not that his financial life has been affected,he would have gladly paid.

While the gift of God is free,you must also learn to make your own rituals.Have you noticed in the word spiritual we have the word spiRITUAL there?

What ritual are you making for God?

While many have allowed themselves to be exploited by false and carnal ministers but will find it difficult to give to a genuine course.


In the Yoruba tradition,a witchdoctor will always give his client a specific place to place their abominable sacrifices;mostly in a T-Juntion (Orita meta).


That is spiritual power vortex or stronghold whichever you choose to call it.

Same thing in Christendom.While we can't do all that but we must know where to place our sacrifice in terms of our services to God or giving for His course.

Not everywhere is a divine fertile land.There are ministries whose assignment is to glorify the god of this world.There are few who are struggling hard to glorify God but have serious financial hardship.
I know of a minister who loves God and is in the deliverance warfare ministry also.God has used him greatly but he still has financial issues.He was surprised how in a joint churches programme two of his members came out to pledge a very big seed they have never giving to him or his ministry as their pastor with all what God has used him to do in their lives.

That actions of theirs made the man sad and made him to change also.While telling me his ordeals,he said he now charges for his spiritual services.He even told me point blank to charge people that the ministry needs money.

While we might be quick at judging him,God knows how best to handle him.Many of us are guilty of such acts.What led some ministers into cults is the ungrateful attitudes of many people believers especially.

Your small pastor as you call him because of his low status is not worthy of your big sacrifice.But that person you call a big minister who doesn't labour over your life like your small pastor is the one worthy of your big seed.God have mercy on you.

If you members know how to make sacrifice into the lives of those you call small pastors will they not become big pastors also?
Your sacrifice is your key to the supernatural flow of blessings.Don't allow anyone to deceive you.Sacrificial giving is a great source to total freedom as long as you are living a life of obedience to God's Word.

Unbelievers make great sacrifices but Christians are too stingy.No wonder many are struggling in their finances for donkey years.

Have you noticed in Nigeria,during Christmas,you have chickens all over the place?

But what do you notice during Ileya period?You see cows and rams all around.Can you get the revelation here?

They pack out chickens for Christians but rams for Muslims.Christians are very stingy indeed.God help us.

In conclusion,while fasting and praying are very good but when you combine such with a dangerous sacrifice,you provoke heaven to do the unusual.But put this in mind,WHAT YOU GIVE,HOW YOU GIVE,WHY YOU GIVE AND WHERE YOU GIVE MATTERS A LOT.

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