Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Stop allowing the devil to make a mess of your life. Arise and seek for can be totally free from satanic enslavement.
Stop allowing ministers who don't know more than their level of realities tell you it's God's will.

At 40 you aren't married,It's God's will.

15 years in marriage and no issue,it's God's will.

@60 still struggling financially,It's God's will.

@night you are sexually molested or oppressed by demons, it's God's will.

You lost your first and second kids and the third one is seriously sick now,it's God's will.

Always sick and weak,It's God's will.

Chaotic turbulent home, it's God's will.

Your first and second businesses folded up,it's God's will.

Disappointed by more than three suitors,it's God's will.

Your man or woman is promiscuous, it's God's will.

10 years after graduation,no job,it's God's will.

Plagued by heart breaking nightmares daily,it's God's will

Hated by your in-laws for no just cause,it's God's will

Abandoned by your husband for another woman it's God's will.

It's your life.You can hold onto that belief it's God's will or you can arise and enforce His plans for your life.

You can be free.Your life can be better than this.Jesus won the victory.It's left for you to enforce it.

I handle many cases of believers in Christ who are passing through difficult and demonic situations. Even if you choose to accept that lie make sure you die in Christ because it would be too horrible to live in bondage on earth and another one in hell for all eternity.

In these days of massive satanic onslaught,the world is welcoming the supernatural realm of darkness,declaring their allegiance to the prince of darkness.But the church is silent on such matters and even refuse to acknowledge the awesomeness of the majesty of God on earth.

What a powerless body of Christ we have today. The supremacy of Jesus is no longer declared neither do we expose the works of darkness today. No wonder miracles are scarce.

So many born again slaves in our churches today. Slaves to sin,slave to witchcraft bondage,slaves to marine demons, slaves to ancestral forces etc.They are suffering and smiling.Their ministers telling them their God is alive while their lives are seriously frustrated by the host of puppies.Giving them sermons that have no solutions to their predicament and afflictions.It's all God's will.

Life is a battle and only the strong ones can make a headway in it.You get angry at those things and exercise your God given dominion or choose to console yourself with

"This earth is not my home but heaven is"

After all both Abraham and Lazarus made heaven but the difference while they were on earth was very clear.
I choose to die like Abraham never like Lazarus. Destiny is only one chance.You ain't coming back here to fulfill purpose again.Make the best out of your life NOW.

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