Tuesday, 8 July 2014


 For those who have invited me to their states to handle family liberation from witchcraft,marine and ancestral powers,please make sure you are sound in Christ.This will be of help to you and to myself because you will stand in the gap for others if they are not born again or sound in Christ.

This will also help you get protected by God's angels in the case of counter attacks from the puppies.
But if you are not sound but have someone that is fine.But if you have none,that is a big problem because I don't dabble into spiritual cases of people if such have no relationship with my Master Jesus.I am just His vessel.

Furthermore,always give me two weeks notice please so that I can really seek the face of God and receive fresh anointing to destroy such yokes.For now am only available on weekends due to my business.

As it concerns ancestral powers,please don't invite me if none of you is strong in Christ.I hardly confront such ancient powers if I have no strong legal ground to do so.I have done such in the past and I regretted it.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world,am available for all who are tired of the mess from these puppies.

In all Jesus is still in the business of delivering people from the powers of darkness.All power belongs to Him.It doesn't matter how long they've been operating,He can destroy their operations in your family.You don't need to fear such when you are rooted in Christ.
Lastly, please,please and please,if you are not led by The Holy Spirit to contact me and you just want to do try your luck,don't contact me.Thanks and remain blessed.