Tuesday, 8 July 2014


A young lady with a breast cancer was healed immediately by Jesus when I prayed for her.The tumor disappeared. A dying young man on a hospital bed called me in prayer and received his miracle which shocked the doctors when they came to check on him later.

A young man ran mad and was prayed for casting out the demons in the name of Jesus and his sanity was restored back.Glory to Jesus.

A teenage girl fell terribly sick after seeing a coffin in a dream. I visited her home prayed for her on the bed she was lying on.Immediately she rose up from that sick bed.Glory to Jesus.

It doesn't matter how long you have been sick today is the time for your healing.

Your body is not for sickness or disease.It is the temple of God.Doctors don't have the final say,Jesus has it.You can be healed now where you are be it at home on the hospital bed.You can be healed by the power of my Lord Jesus.

Just stir up your faith as you watch this video and I believe the healing power of The Holy Ghost will touch you in the name of Jesus.