Friday, 26 September 2014


After many battles with the gates of hell the two uncommon books are finally out. To God be all the glory. The books giving the kingdom of darkness nightmares titled DESTROYING SPIRITUAL WITCHCRAFT COBWEBS AND PROPHETIC GUERRILLA WARFARE SERIES VOLUME 1 are on sales now.


About DESTROYING SPIRITUAL WITCHCRAFT COBWEBS is one phenomenon that many including believers in Christ had taken for granted or completely ignorant about. Witchcraft Cobweb is a spiritual cobweb used by the forces of darkness especially witches and wizards to enslave the glory, success, blessings, spiritual lives, help etc. of their victims. 

This cobweb can both be spiritual or physical depending on the level of the powers involved. As we have different types of spiders, we also have different types of witches or wizards. Their powers are in different categories. This really determines the strength and extent of the devastation that can be caused. BUY NOW

The mystery surrounding this advanced satanic enslavement has been exposed in this book. All you need to know about it like,
1.    The Foundation for Spiritual Witchcraft Cobwebs
2.    The Purpose of Satanic Spiritual Witchcraft Cobwebs
3.    Criteria’s for Destroying Spiritual Witchcraft Cobweb Spirits
4.    Understanding Prophetic Warfare Operation
5.    Destroying Spiritual Witchcraft Cobweb Prophetic Prayers etc. are all exposed in this uncommon book. The awesome revelations you will read about in this book is enough to break the yoke of that problem off your life. 

Included in this great book are three advanced level prophetic warfare prayers that can be employed by anyone to destroy this problem. There is the one for nominal Christians, strong believers and Gospel ministers. This book will help you get delivered and also empower you to deliver others also by the help of the Spirit of God.

Another classic twist in this great book is how to stay free forever from this high tech manipulation. Many lose their freedom easily due to ignorance. In this book revelations are given on how you can totally secure your victory in Christ till eternity.

This book is a complete spiritual manual on how to deal ruthlessly and completely with the witchcraft forces using their cobwebs to enslave the destinies and glories of men in their covens. BUY NOW

About PROPHETIC GUERRILLA WARFARE SERIES VOLUME 1 it's about going into the camp of the enemies to get what they’ve stolen away from you forcefully through prophetic operations cum warfare prayers. This is an advanced level warfare prayer. Many are used to warfare prayers but this is more because this combines the prophetic operations with warfare prayers.

When you understand that spiritual warfare demands specific instruction from God you will be in a better position to overcome the host of hell frustrating your destiny on planet earth.

Spiritual warfare has gone high tech today. This is the reason for the strange chaos in the world. It is simply a reflection of what is going on in the spirit realm. Your life is the coveted trophy in this warfare going on. You have a great star which the enemies are ready to kill or make sterile. You must overcome because you have been destined to.BUY NOW

In this book your eyes would be open to the amazing power of the prophetic operations in spiritual warfare. God has no specific method for solving the same problem. He told Moses to stretch forth his rod to divide the sea, told Joshua to allow the priests to carry the Covenant Ark and step into the water but Elijah used his mantle to divide the waters. This is the same problem but different methods. This is the awesome God we serve.
Prophetic Guerrilla Warfare is a no nonsense advance spiritual warfare manual that deals ruthlessly with demons and their stubborn unrepentant human agents. It is a book that will guarantee you total victory through the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Are you facing barrenness or miscarriages?
Is your shop or business stagnant?
Are you experiencing difficulty in your academic life?
Is the house you are living in or your shop or office enchanted or demonized?
Are you facing financial hardship with unexplainable disfavours?
Is your life in total confusion?
What have you been battling that has refused to give way?
In this book your hour of victory is certain by the grace of God. You have suffered long enough. With over 350 prayer bullets you are in for a total change.It is time to go prophetic with your battles. BUY NOW