Monday, 3 November 2014


God detest fornication. The curse of God is always upon those who engage in such acts. Beside, such person also opens up herself/himself for demonic infiltration. This is the reason many can’t seem to break away from it because of the powerful demons involve.

Fornication is a very deep issue which goes beyond the physical pleasures people think they are deriving from it.

“What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.” 1 Corinthians 6:16

Sex on its own is a covenant thing. It involves the body, soul and spirit of the human entity. You become one with the person you sleep with. This is a serious issue. There is always transference of personality that goes beyond the other partner to the spirit controlling the other partner.

When you have sex with someone all what that person is together with the good and the bad are transferred into you. The curses, bondage, the demons etc. in that person is transferred into you automatically. You become one with the person. This is why some people developed strange problems in their lives after they fornicated.

Soul tie which is another dangerous angle to fornication is one stronghold that has destroyed many homes today. Soul tie is that spiritual connection or bond you have made with someone through intimacy with the person. It is a demonic affinity with that person that makes it difficult for you to forget your sin partner even after you get married.

Soul tie is one strong force that many who are married today are still battling with because of the fornication of the past. They kept wondering why their thoughts are always going back to their past lovers especially when there is marital conflicts at home. The truth is you have been wired to your past lover and that connection will always be triggered by any negative emotional imbalance.

Demons are good memory keepers and all your past life records are still with them. You might have become born again but the truth is all past activities are stored in the subconscious mind. This is what demons will always trigger off to get you thinking backward about your past love relationship. This is one of the dilemma married couples have today.

This soul tie also affects youngsters from having successful relationship during courtship because there is always a conflict of personalities as a result of past sexual sins. A guy finds it difficult to love her fiance 100% vice versa. Some even though in a relationship are still contacting their past lovers via social Medias or communication devices e.g. mobile phones.

For the unmarried ones who engage in fornication you are exposing yourself to serious dangers because you have no understanding of who is whom you are sleeping with. Many have slept with agents of darkness who have taking their sperms or ovum and kept them in their banks. Some barren cases today is as a result of such acts. The destinies of many promising youth have been destroyed. Stars have been purchased and traded in the demonic and witchcraft markets.

The marine world has held many hostages via this act. This is their number one way to recruit souls into their kingdom. Many have been initiated into the marine kingdom via sexual intercourse. Such recruited agents are then used to recruit others as well. This is another reason many find it difficult to get married. Unknown to them is that such recruitment opens you up for satanic invasion therefore sealing your life with a spiritual marriage in most cases.

There are many who are married spiritually unknowingly. Fornication is one is one area many are ignorant of. When The Bible warns against such it is not just about avoiding sexual sin it is more about not selling yourself cheap and into spiritual slavery also.

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