Saturday, 21 February 2015


Glory to God for you all and all what God has used you to encourage me in this great apostolic assignment. I am so grateful to you all because without you it would have been almost impossible for me to be here today doing His work and affecting lives Nationally and Internationally. I have you all in my prayers and I know you all will be greatly rewarded by our heavenly Father beyond your wildest imagination this year in Jesus name.

In the midst of the great trials and attacks on my life, family and business from the forces of darkness God has been faithful in keeping us alive to affect more lives for His kingdom. Many lives have been saved from sins and delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is still alive in this end time and He is still using His vessels to deliver people from the kingdom of hell.

Revolution Ministries a.k.a We Care Family started finally on January 4 this year 2015 after a powerful 7 days program which ran from December 25th to 31st 2014. It was a very powerful revival program that touched many lives. God has been touching lives and to His glory our service attendance is over 30 as at today and still growing by His grace.

Barely one month of the ministries existence it came as shocking information that the land in which we hold our services has been sold off by the landlord. What makes the news more shocking is because this is where I live also and it’s on this land I have my business also as you can see in the pictures below.

This as far as I am concerned is a satanic orchestration to frustrate me and stop me from advancing in what God has assigned me to accomplish this year which happens to be the one of SUPERNATURAL EXPLOITS AND MANIFESTATIONS. It has not been easy as the environment I operate in is known for witchcraft and occultism but God has been faithful.

In view of this I solicit your generous help to relocate to a better place for my accommodation, ministry and business. Financially, I am looking up to God and trusting Him to use you to help me out in this tough phase of my life and ministry.

God has used me to help many people from different countries of the world freely and I have not charged anyone anything for helping them. The work of Jesus must be done and finance is needed to express God’s divine visions for my life.

In order to remain truthful to my calling I started a small Nursery and Basic Schools to affect kids for God, to create employment and make income also to take care of my family needs. The school faced great challenges last year and some parents to withdraw theirs kids. I did not lose hope but kept praying and serving God in the integrity of my heart. Thank God it’s improving again. I will have to relocate within the community if I don’t want to lose my kids. Besides I have seven staff on payroll also and losing the kids will mean them losing their jobs also. It therefore becomes imperative to relocate to a better place to retain the kids and the staff who are mostly family people.

Furthermore, the ministry has a big challenge of finding a conducive place of worship in order to retain the over 35 members of hers. We want to start embarking on massive crusades to win souls and demonstrate the power and majesty of Jesus but we need a place to welcome and grow spiritually the souls that will be won from those crusades.

I am trusting God to use you to help me in this great moment of need so that my voice will not be silenced by the enemies which they tried many times last year ranging from invoking my spirit for destruction, firing the arrow of stroke at my right leg, reporting me to the council of darkness by false ministers etc. I faced a lot last year but God saw me through the battles only to wake up to this present reality of the sale of the property and land by my landlord as their final strategy to frustrate my calling in God’s kingdom.

I humbly appeal to your love for Christ and His kingdom to assist me financially to make this change. Especially for those who have been touched by my write-ups and prayers. Your help at this crucial time will encourage me greatly.

The minimal cost needed to relocate and get a better place is only  $7900.Let us shame the devil and keep the mission of THE CHIEF SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE UNIVERSE our Lord and Master Jesus going. I therefore once again call my National and International friends and supporters to help me. 

Details of how you can support me are as given below.

1.    Access Bank Plc
          Bazuaye Francis Ehighiator

2.    Guarantee Trust Bank
          Bazuaye Francis Ehighiator

3.    International Wire Transfer or Transfer cash in dollars into my     

       Domiciliary Account
       Bazuaye Francis Ehighiator
       Sort Code: 044151517
       Swift Code: ABNGNGLA

      Bazuaye Francis Ehighiator
      Lagos, Nigeria

For further details you can call

I believe God will use you to shame the kingdom of darkness and all those who have been fighting hard to silence my voice and person. I pray that God will keep on making your life a maximum and your family a living progress. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Jesus remains,