Saturday, 14 February 2015


Yesterday was a great day of pain and horror as I discovered that all my files in my laptop have been destroyed by dangerous malwares.Over 400 files including all my pdf books, ms-word,videos and audios gone. I had to format my system as the the two engineers I went to were perplexed at the damages done. They couldn't help.

More painful are the two new books I am working on. All gone and no means to recover them. My failure to do a back-up made the sting more painful.

The lessons learnt from that experience are just so many. Just like Bishop Osagie said,

"If you don't learn by revelation you will surely learn by tribulation but one thing is certain you must learn"

1. Been using free antivirus for years but should have gone for strong internet security software. Never imagined such could happen but alas reality has set in. Free things are not always the best but that is what many human beings want.

"Awoof day purge bele"

"No free lunch anywhere"

Salvation while free has a price tag for maintaining it.Learn to purchase and pay the price for the best to secure yourself.

2. Negligence to do back-up. How careless was that? We often believe certain things cannot happen in our lives until we are proven wrong. Had I done a back-up it would have been a soothing relief but negligence and carelessness paid me back with painful dividends.

How many times have we been careless with our lives neglecting to do what we are supposed to have done? Negligence in prayers, studying The Word, hearing from God, seeking godly counsel, living right, eating well, fasting, paying tithes, offerings and sowing seed,communicating sincerely with our spouses, following His leading etc. We neglect so many things until we are stung by its consequences. God help us.

3.Lack of vigilance: The internet is both a blessing and a curse to some extent due to folks whose sole mission is to cause problems for others.

With my kind of work and especially write-ups not making some groups to smile I am a serious target for such attacks.

Though I had earlier lets say two weeks ago sent files to people but they couldn't access them.I also noticed when I boot my system two particular files will appear on the screen telling me my files can't be accessed again until I visit a particular site.I will just remove it and go unto my work.

I decided to look into it and visited the site only to discover I was told to pay huge amount of money if I wanted my files back.Hmm!

I Google for more information but discovered there was no guarantee of getting such back.I tried the methods I learn to get them back.After so many hours I couldn't solve the problem.

Had I been alert on time could had saved some of the files.We are guilty of such also.So busy with many things but never alert to what might be going wrong in our lives and families.

We tend to ignore danger signals in our businesses, marriages, ministries, finances, relationships etc. We live in self denial until the bubble busts and deny us our happiness and joy. The Bible never told us to pray alone but to WATCH as well.

4. Mind where you visit: I was awed how such could happened. Which site did I visit?It dawned on me I registered with a particular merchant site but could not log into the site after registering two weeks ago.I checked that stupid file that appears on my screen only to discover it was the site I went to. Hmm!!!

Mind the sites you go to online no matter how pleasant and promising that place may be. There are many dangerous sites whose soul aim is to gain access into your system and destroy or steal your information.

In the same way, mind the physical places you go to as well.Be very sensitive and discerning especially when looking for spiritual help.Many have opened up their lives for demonic infiltration by the wrong places they went to for spiritual help.

Mind your associations and where you go with with them. The world is like an ocean filled with many dangerous sharks.Sharks aren't friendly you know.

5. Do what must be done when it should be done and how it should done.Procrastination is an ugly headed monster that affects our lives from time to time.Almost every human is infected by its poison. The difference between where you are now and where you could be lies in your overcoming this monster.

Like God told me four years ago,

"Son, where you are now is a as a result of what you did yesterday and failed to do. Where you will be tomorrow will still depend on what you will do today and still fail to do" God help you.

I have now fortified my system strongly but too late already.Had I done this earlier it would have been soothing.Pay the price and enjoy its pleasantness.Neglect such to your pains.

Experience is really the best teacher sometimes. Though hurt and pained but as in my nature it's the dawn of a new beginning. Had to start all over again. I pray you learn from my experience.Those puppies can't stop me in Jesus name