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“Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.” Isaiah 5:13

Cynthia (not her real name) was married to a pastor who loves her so much but she discovered she was not attracted to him sexually. She denied him intimacy. He could only have sex with her once in six months and that after serious pleas. But she enjoyed sex on a constant basis with another man in her dream world.

She did not know what was really happening to her and was afraid to share her experience with anyone for fear of being called insane or at worse a sinner. She was not happy with the way she was treating her spouse but there was nothing she could do. The man really endured with her because of love.

Finally, the man knew this was abnormal and sought for help from another man of God who was experienced in handling spiritual cases. She was asked if she had sexual intercourse in her dreams and she answered in the affirmative. It was discovered she had a spirit spouse. Deliverance was conducted on her and she was set free from the spiritual evil marriage that plagued her life and marriage.

Nancy (not her real name) was a strong believer and a prayer warrior also. She experienced molestations from an unseen force for years. The molestation was not in the dream but physical. The force will pin her to the bed and have intimacy with her. She could feel the penetration but she could not resist it. What makes her case so absurd is that after the act she will see physical semen on her private part. She told us her experience in our then prayer group and she was delivered from that spirit spouse.

Dorothy (not her real name) discovered her husband’s moans on the bed while asleep at night. She always felt the presence of another person on the bed with them but she could not see the person. The man husband’s attitude towards her can be so mean sometimes. He beats her up at the slightest provocation but apologizes after his mind has calmed down. The beating and mean attitude continued until the marriage was dissolved because the woman could no longer endure. The man was a nominal believer while the woman was the serious type.

The three cases above are not figment of imaginations but real. These are real people who experienced these strange and terrible acts from unseen forces that I term SPIRITUAL SPOUSES or SPIRITUAL RAPISTS. There are so many people both believers and unbelievers who are suffering from this malady and need to be delivered. While some have been delivered there are many who are still bound by this evil forces.

Who is a spiritual spouse?

This is a human spirit or a demon spirit that is married to a living human being. This kind of marriage is contracted through various means which makes it legal for such relationship to be established. You might be surprised about the definition of a human spirit married to a human being. Let me explain what I mean.

There are human agents of darkness who through spiritual initiation or spiritual connection via sexual intercourse, offering spiritual or physical help, child dedication, occult participation etc. could enter into a marriage covenant with people. When such is established, such can through astral projection or soul travelling go have sex with that person. They do such through dreams or physically but invincible to their victims.


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" In those days, and even afterward, giants* lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with human women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes mentioned in legends of old." Genesis 6:4


"13 Tobias then said to Raphael."Azarias,my friend,I have already heard about Sarah's seven former husbands, and how each one dropped dead on his wedding night, even before he could get to bed.
14 According to the story I heard, a demon killed them. He doesn't harm Sarah, but he kills every man who tries to get near her. I am afraid of this demon..." Tobith 6:13-14 from Good News Bible(The Apocrypha)


This is a topic that is really controversial to naive minded people and ministers also who don't believe believers can be afflicted with such problems but the many believers who are going through it couldn't prove otherwise.


I have seen pastors both male and female under this bondage let alone those who are not ministers. These are genuine children of God living holy lives but still in bondage.


This topic is something many have vague understanding about.I once prayed for a born again Holy Ghost sanctified sister in Christ who had a spiritual husband but never believed in such until she saw the demon when I dissolve the spiritual marriage and released the Holy Ghost fire on that puppy. She was shocked and couldn't believed. More shocked was when the spiritual python controlling her life jumped out also.


I once prayed for a brother and a sister who had been in courtship for three years but couldn't marry. The day I was praying for them the spirit husband appeared there and disappeared. The sister who happened to be a real prayer warrior knew what she was facing but who could she tell that will believe her without calling her an insane person or condemn her that she was never born again?


I know the reality of this issue because I have encountered such in deliverance cases.It is so sorrowful that over 65% of singles who can't get married are under this bondage.


It is true Jesus came to set you free but you will need to enforce that victory.Enough of suffering and smiling. So many are ashamed to tell ministers about this issue because they won't won't believe it.Take the instance of a married woman who happens to be born again but bis still been molested by demon spirit right in the midst of people. The shocking thing is the demon have anal intimacy with her.Strange but real.


While typing this article I just received a phone call from someone who shared the challenges they are facing in their family and how a tall giant being told the sister in the dream she can never be free from him. So shocking but real,


I know the devil is going to fight tooth and nail so that I don't expose his strategies but God is on my side and as many who are bound by these spirits must be set free in the name of Jesus. So if you are bound by this evil, no need to be ashamed again, your time of freedom has come and God will use me to help you get your total freedom in Christ. So watch-out for these teachings that would be concluded with advance prophetic warfare prayers totally different from what you have been doing.


My Jesus remains,


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The Violent Take it by Force 3

What does it mean to be violent?
You need to find out in this message because it will blow your mind.

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