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Chapter 7 for the Uncommon Book Series HOW TO GET A DIVINE LIFE PARTNER

Chapter 7 for the Uncommon Book Series HOW TO GET A DIVINE LIFE PARTNER

           War against Godly Union

“ Rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea. For the Devil has come down to you in great anger, and he knows that he has little time.” Revelation 12:12

Lucifer: (Screaming in anger).  Are you fiends not working hard to make sure there is no holy union on earth especially among the followers of the Righteous One?

Beelzebub: My lord, I have released more of my agents into the churches to bewitch many with my witchcraft spells and they are succeeding with their mission.

Lucifer: What about you Queen of the Coast? What are you doing to complement the work of Beelzebub?

The Queen: My lord, I have made sure my beautiful children mingle with them and lure them with lust waves and so many have been trapped even the ministers of the Righteous One. You know the beauty of my children alone is enough to knock off spiritual alertness from those who are not watchful and discerning.

Lucifer: (Still fuming with anger) What about those who are still making the right choices in marriage? Don’t you know such union will weaken our networks in families and make us loose generational control over such people?

Magos: My lord, for this reason I have sent the spirit of errors into the churches to make the ministers of the Righteous One to water down The Gospel  via the teaching of people are saved by grace and never by their deeds. This is to make them confuse the people and they would no longer be able to differentiate the true disciples of Christ from the false ones.

By this everyone will claim to be saved by grace and believe they are children of God irrespective of their lifestyles. This will now give the agents of the queen to have access into their midst and behave more spiritual than them but still live the lives according to their beliefs.

Lucifer: Hmm!! That really makes sense. It will be very easy for our agents to capture their minds through such errors. Queen, I believe you have introduced the latest fashion and make-up into their midst to neutralize their spiritual lives and make sure they don’t radiate the glory of the Righteous One in their lives to frustrate the missions of our agents.

The Queen:
Yes my lord, I have done that even in a more advanced way. Since they are no longer spiritually sensitive, I am now using those demonized items to send my serpents into their lives especially the sisters who are weak and prayerless. When the serpent demons are released into their bodies they are eventually used unconsciously to lead their male counterparts into ungodly marriages.

I have succeeded in initiating many of the sisters and few of the brothers into our kingdom and they are been used to mislead others to shun the true will of God to go for them instead. We are greatly succeeding my lord Lucifer and I know this will really please you.

Lucifer: Indeed I am a little bit pleased. But I am more concerned about those few ministers who are still hearing from the Righteous One and still teaching the sound doctrines of His and guiding people in His perfect will. What are you fiends doing about that?

Diva: My lord, I am taking care of that. I have raised my false prophets to counter such people. My servants have started so many prayer, prophetic and deliverance fellowships and churches to enslave and even make them to rebel against such leaders who are teaching the sound doctrines. I have sent demons and my human agents to convince young people to go to such places for solutions to their problems.

When they attend such gathering, my servants use prophecies and visions to enslave them and they are easily controlled via such. After some time they leave their places of fellowships and join the ones of my servants. We make sure we then lead them astray to make wrong choices in their life partners after we have successfully cut of their spiritual link with their God.

We are also frustrating such ministers by making their members unserious and also make them a great source of discouragement to them. We fight and stop the growth of their ministries by stopping people from attending such places. We even start a prophetic gathering beside them or not too far from them to take their members away.

When we frustrate such to a certain extent those who cannot endure again come to The Queen or Beelzebub or myself to seek for help which we gladly give to them to take control over them and even over the few members they have. Through this it becomes easy to lead the youth into errors when it comes to choosing a life partner.

My ministers are now experts in choosing life partners for their flocks and to those who come to seek their counsels. We are making great progress lord Lucifer. We hope to do more by your power and strength.Lucifer: (Laughing out loud) I like the sound of that. I can see the confusion going on in Christendom as a result of your dedication. What about the Ones who have the seal of the Righteous One and have His divine calling upon their lives. What are you doing about those ones?

Deimon: My lord Lucifer, I have successfully in conjunction with the Queen used lust waves and carnality to make such people make mistakes in choosing a life partner. You know my lord arrogance is my area of specialty.

Many of them have allowed their gifts blindfold their eyes through my manipulations. They have now given themselves over to the lust of the flesh and still claim grace is covering them. Through arrogance they have grieved the Holy Spirit and have silenced or weakened His operations in their lives. This now makes it easy for my agents and the Queen’s own who are also gifted to come into their lives and deceive them into marriage.

I have used dream manipulation to make them accept my agents as their divine partners. Since my agents and the Queen’s own are very fervent and active in the churches, they are convinced they are the chosen ones from their God.

For those who prove stubborn we allow our agents to begin to sponsor their ministries heavily to gain their trust. Since they are not really discerning, we use the gifts to weaken them spiritually before making in-roads into their dream worlds to manipulate them. They always fall after.

However, for those we cannot easily get we program such to have a spiritual mentor who is under our control or are agents of our kingdom. Since they respect their fathers in the Lord, we use them to give them wrong counsels and lure them into wrong marriages. Such mentors will then introduce our agents to such vibrant ministers who will never discern because they believe their mentors can never lead them astray. We have achieved great successes through these devices my lord.

How are you handling those ministries that are not prophetic but are still teaching the revelation that can liberate people from our captivity?

Stepud: My lord, I have released the spirits of philosophy to make such focus on intellectual teachings void of the inspiration of The Spirit. Their messages lack divine backing and the intellectuals are drawn to such because it makes sense even though it is really senseless in the light of the truth of The Word of their God.

In addition, the prosperity teaching is another dimension we have brought into the churches to make them seek after the vanity of the world at the expense of their spiritual relationship with God. With these, sisters will focus more on material things in the lives of brothers and I have raised many of my children who now display wealth to entice sisters and also make them shun genuine brothers who truly love them even though they are not rich or still struggling financially in life.

I have also sent the demons under my command to frustrate the financial lives of brothers and through such connect them to the Queen’s agents who pretend to care for them and meet their financial and material needs. Such brothers then fall in love with them and marry them to be enslaved for life my lord.

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