Tuesday, 20 October 2015


“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

Getting a divine life partner from God might be very challenging for a believer in Christ as we live in a society filled with all kinds of hypocrisies and double standard living. These challenges have made many to make wrong choices and are ever regretting their decisions. The issue of a divine life partner is something we need to understand very well from God’s point of view if one is to have successful result that will make one have a fulfilled time in life.

The chaos in marriages today let alone the massive divorces going on among believers who are supposed to be Disciples of Christ are quite frightening. This has made many to have serious phobia for the marriage institution. It is quite unfortunate that many now have a fearful negative mindset towards marriage but this is really a fallacy in the light of The Word of God.

Waiting on God for a divine life partner is quite easy if one is ready and willing to follow The Word of God to the letter and not just be picky about it. Also, allow the Holy Ghost or godly ministers’ guide and guard them. The Lord God is faithful to help all those who are waiting on Him to have a divine life partner that will be awesome for their lives.

One of the agenda of the kingdom of darkness is to make sure believers in Christ make mistakes in this area. The reason is that a harmonious godly home will reduce the chances of familiar spirits to keep on controlling families. You need to know that every family has ancestral demons monitoring and ruling over such.

This is the sole reason many most often than not make the mistakes of their parents. If you take time to check the pattern especially the negative ones in your family both the nuclear and extended, you will come to discover similar traits in the problems they have. Believers making the right choices in choosing life partners will weaken the influences of demons and their agents in the environment as such family will radiate divine energy into the environment by their prayers, lifestyles and union with Christ.

Furthermore, such union will further reduce the rate of divorces in the world and raise strong godly families in Christ Jesus. Offspring from such unions will not only be a threat to their kingdom but also serve as a source to impact others for Jesus Christ.

One way the satanic kingdom has been initiating children is to make believers in Christ choose agents of satan as their partners. Through this the children from such unions will easily be initiated into their kingdoms or be used negatively to advance the course of their kingdom.

This is the sole reason getting a divine life partner should never be done casually or carnally. So many things are at stake in this particular area of one’s life. All spiritual efforts should be made to get it right so that one’s destiny can go in the right direction. Getting married to someone not going in your own direction will certainly slow you down, stagnate you or reverse your destiny direction in the wrong way. Take the information in this book serious because your life and the ones of others connected with are at stake.