Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Spiritual Dimension of Miscarriages and Barrenness

The devils invaded the earth at the fall of Adam and started looking for ways to enslave and destroy humans from the earth. Through that many humans were initiated to become agents of darkness. Such is then used to further carry out the activities of theirs on planet earth.

That miscarriages and barrenness are mostly spiritual can be verified by those who have gone for medical check-ups and they saw nothing wrong with them medically speaking. Both couples are sound but no baby is coming forth.

A pastor’s wife was experiencing miscarriages constantly at the third month precisely and medically nothing was found wrong with them. The woman was disturbing the man to seek for spiritual help but he refused and told the wife to keep on trusting God.

When the woman cannot bear it again she pressurized the man to seek for external help which eventually did. The man went to seek the help of a fellow pastor. The pastor told them he will come and hold a three day vigil with them at home when it is three days to the end of the three month she had always miscarriages.

He came and they held the vigil. After the third night the woman went to sleep and had the dream she had always had even though she had no understanding of what she was seeing. The deer that normally came to destroy her pregnancy appeared again in her dream.

It ran towards her furiously and was ready to use its horns to hit her womb when a mighty rock fell in between them and it used its head to hit the rock instead. The woman woke up from her dream and screamed “Praise the Lord!”

She dashed to her mother in-law’s room to share her testimony. As she opened the door to her room she saw the woman dead on the bed, her head broken into two and blood all over the place. This was a real life scenario and not a figment of imagination.

Like the woman in our story many are plagued with similar afflictions but they don’t know what to do or where to go to get lasting freedom from the attacks of darkness. Most people who are plagued by spiritual miscarriages and barrenness always have peculiar strange dreams which they might be ignorant of.

The wife of a pastor who got pregnant was been chased by her sister in-law in the dream one night and she ran and ran while the woman chased after her. Suddenly, she fell and the woman caught up with her and started using her hand to press the belly in a hard before she woke up. Immediately, she lost the pregnancy as she started bleeding profusely.

How do you know miscarriages or barrenness is spiritual in nature?
   Dream Attacks: This one major dimension of this problem. How do they achieve this ungodly fits in the lives of people? The following dreams shows miscarriages or barrenness is spiritually related.
Dreams like;
i. Seeing red substance in the dream like red cloth, palm oil etc.
ii. Delicate fragile things like plates, tumblers, eggs etc. falling from someone’s hands and gets broken.
iii. Animals like dogs, cows, and beasts chasing one furiously. The much stress from such running affects the pregnancy physically. There is a strong connection between your person in the dream and your physical body on bed. This is not part of this discussion for now. This is an advanced knowledge known to few.
iv. Fighting with someone, animal or strange beings.
v. Eating and drinking.
vi. Having sexual intercourse
vii. One is covered by a black or red wrapper cloth.
viii. Been hit with an object like wood on the belle
ix. Bitten by animals like dogs, cats, snakes, ants etc.
x. Carrying babies
xi. Hit by a vehicle.
xii. Menstruating
xiii. Sexual intercourse with a strange being.
xiv. Seeing blood
xv. Swimming massively in the water with strange beings.
xvi. Seeing someone breaking palm kernels, snail shells or you breaking such yourself.
xvii. Seeing oneself lost in the forest or on a journey.
xviii. Seeing dead relatives or strangers.
xix. Been shot at.
xx. Falling from stair cases, off a roof, off a cliff or mountain, hill etc.
xxi. Dancing round babies or babies dancing round one.
xxii. Breastfeeding a baby and the baby bites your nipples so hard or kicks you hard on your belle.
xxiii. In a fighting contest
xxiv. Having serious anal or oral sex
xxv. Cat or dog jumping on one and entering one’s body through the private organ.
xxvi. Someone hitting your belle
xxvii. Receiving strange gifts
xxviii. Seeing menstrual pad
xix. Seeing someone or a dog eating placenta or meat covered in blood.
xxx. seeing dead people especially in grave yard or market square.
If you do have any of these dreams and you are made to believe they are mere dreams, then you need to rethink again because they are not.

Dreams reveal the activities in the spirit realm and there is a strong connection between what happens in your dream world and what happens in your life. Do take those dreams serious and seek for quick spiritual help or stand your ground and use your Christ given authority to destroy them.

When the dreams stop it is a great step towards total victory. In most cases when the dream stops then becoming pregnant is the next thing and miscarriages or barrenness becomes a past tense.

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