Saturday, 19 December 2015


This is one of my end of the year gift to all those who are still been afflicted by eating in the dreams. It is satanic and the enemies are using it to afflict the destinies of people especially Christians who are ignorant about the spirit realm and the dream world.

In this book you will discover the three major kingdoms that feed people in the dream, how to know which kingdom is feeding you and the right prayers to pray to destroy their activities in your life.

This is a complete free download of the book and nothing is left out of it. The many emails and calls I have been receiving as per this issue is alarming. I am thereby giving it out free of charge to those who cannot afford to buy.

Eating in the dreams have destroyed so many lives. Find out the reasons for it and the effect of such in this Uncommon Book which cost $8.99 on my online store. I do hope you appreciate it and use it well to free yourself from that evil bondage. I was once a victim of it and so I did not write theory in that book like some. Neither did I copy another man's work. This is purely from mine experience and inspiration from the Holy Ghost. Below is the link to DESTROYING SATANIC SPIRITUAL FEEDINGS