Thursday, 3 March 2016


Understanding both divine and satanic judgement can be placed on one via dreams will wake you up to the effect dreams have in our lives.

Most problems we have today were projected into our lives via the dreams we had but failed to understand its meaning. Evil dreams are judgement placed on one's life with a time frame to appeal such. Many people take their dreams for granted and they therefore suffer the consequences of their naive actions.

You must learn how to decode your dreams so that you stand in a better position to cancel all negative dreams projected into your life by the enemies.
Matthew 13:25 tells us the evils that happens while men sleep. This is real and must be taken with all seriousness.If we had a better understanding of our dreams, we would have cancelled many of them and stop such from manifesting in our lives.

In this video, I will be explaining to you what it means to appeal dream judgement and how to appeal such and prevent such from manifesting in your life.