Wednesday, 16 November 2016


The 28th Book in the Uncommon Series is out NOW @

This ebook just cost $1.00 till December 1st before it would go to $18. This is my end of the year almost free gift.
This book will be for our END OF THE YEAR PROGRAM TAGGED


It's time to fight hard and tough against the host of darkness harassing your life. This is a 14 days ultimatum to spiritual problems to get out of your life.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Our yearly end of the year program is around the corner again. This year's December program will be tagged
                                              OPERATION ARMAGEDDON.
This is going to be a purely spiritual warfare programs that will deal with major spiritual issues in the lives of people. The following will be dealt with in the program that would last for 14 days.
Satanic Activities
Witchcraft Activities
Territorial Forces in the Environment
Powers Fighting against Destiny Helpers 1
Powers Fighting against Destiny Helpers 2
Dream Manipulators
Ancestral Spirits and Control
Evil Family Bloodline
Family and Environmental Altars
Agents of Darkness in the Family
Family Curses and Limitations
Spiritual Attacks
Spiritual Revival
Divine Empowerment
These would be the major focus of our prayers as we prepare to receive the last minutes miracles this year and re-position ourselves for supernatural manifestations in 2017. This is going to be a one hell of a battle against the host of darkness and victory is always ours through Christ our Lord.
OPERATION ARMAGEDDON will be coming up from December 1st to December 14th.
I am making this so because I believe God still wants to do wonders before the end of the year in our lives. I can truly assure you by the grace and mercy of God that your life will never remain the same.
Due to this I have decided to write a book that will guide us in this program. I would have loved to make it free but many people don't value free things. So I have decided to make it almost free by just charging a token of $1.00 for it. Yes, you read that right $1.00
I believe this is fair enough. Consider it as a seed you are sowing into my life and ministry. The book would be available for sale as from WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 16 @
However, the price would change as from December 1 to $18. So make haste and get yours now.
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Jesus still remains,

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


My new book in the Uncommon Book Series is out NOW

It is highly loaded with divine revelations from The Word of God concerning untimely death. It also has a real advanced prophetic warfare prayers for destroying untimely death.

This is a great burden that came upon me three weeks ago when I reflected on my life and the three sons I had lost to witchcraft powers. The many lives been destroyed by the powers of darkness, the many God has used me to deliver from untimely death, my battles with agents of darkness especially the witchcraft, marine, ancestral and occult ones over the lives of people etc.

I see so many believers are ignorant about so many things and are also very naive about this dangerous world we live in. There are many who believe anyone that dies is the will of God but I totally disagree with that. Most untimely deaths are not from God but from the enemies.

When I came to terms with spiritual reality, the witchcraft agents tried again to kill my fourth son but failed woefully because I was no longer ignorant about their tactics. We should be very sensitive to the Holy Ghost in this end-time and we should strive to always hear what God is saying or see what He is showing us. The devil doesn't respect anyone even though you are a Bishop or Apostle. Divine knowledge is needed to stay ahead of the evil machinations of the enemies in today's dangerous world.
This Uncommon Book is really an advanced prophetic warfare book with information about destroying untimely death in people's lives. Why it is not God's will for people to die untimely. It reveals how untimely death can be destroyed with high level prophetic warfare prayers.

The book is meant for those who are experiencing any of the following in their lives​.

1. Constant dreams of seeing oneself in the graveyard or cemetery.

2. Constant eating in the dreams.

3. Seeing coffins constantly in the dreams.

4. Seeing oneself buried in a coffin or inside a deep pit.

5. Been shot in the dream with a gun.

6. Been chased by masquerades in the dreams.

7. Been chased and shot at by policemen in uniforms in dreams.

8. Seeing oneself dying on a hospital bed.

9. Seeing oneself at one’s own funeral.

10. A family that has been experiencing untimely death.

11. A woman who has had more than one still birth.

12. A family where people die mysteriously.

13. A family were people die through constant sicknesses that defile medical help.

14. Seeing skeletons in the dreams or fighting with such.

15. Your hair been barbed in the dreams.

16. Seeing one’s head cut off in the dream while watching such from a distant.

17. Seeing dead people or dead relatives in the dreams constantly.

18. Been bitten by snake or dogs in the dreams.

19. Been chased by cows or wild beasts in the dreams.

20. A family where people die via accidents or assassins.

21. A family where people don’t grow to become old before dying.

22. A house where owls or strange birds come to shout every night.

23. A house where evil cats come to at night to shout and cry like babies.

24. When a new born baby cries constantly especially at night without rest.

25. A child that cries out of sleep constantly.

26. A child or someone who falls sick periodically.

27. A child or someone who runs short of blood from time to time.

28. One’s baby been snatched from one in dreams and one is unable to get such back before waking up.

29. Seeing decaying yam(s) or cocoyam(s) in the dreams.

30. Seeing one’s child been bitten or eaten by evil beast in the dream.

31. Seeing one’s family member bidding one goodbye in the dream or you are the one bidding such good-bye.

32. A onetime agent of darkness who has been receiving death threat from such kingdom because he or she has left them.

33. Someone whose death has been seen concerning him or her via dreams or prophecies.

34. Someone who is been threatened physically with death by wicked people or agents of darkness.

35. Someone who is been told he or she is going to die in dreams.

36. Someone who is been threatened by witchcraft agents in the dream.

37. Seeing oneself been shot in the dreams or chased after by policemen in uniforms.

38. Seeing oneself been attacked by strange people in the dreams with knives, machetes, woods and guns.

39. Seeing oneself been killed in the dream.

40. Someone who has started having the feelings and fears of death.

41. Someone who experiences sudden cold shiver all over his body from time to time or a room

suddenly becomes very cold and even though others may be there but he or she is the only one who experiences such.

42. A pregnant woman at the verge of death or who has been told she is going to die.

43. Someone whose life several attempts have been made to terminate it physically by evil people or assassins.

44. Someone who has experience few or many accidents but has always survived.

45. Someone who experiences heart attacks or cardiac arrests from time to time.

46. Someone who is suffering from periodic sickness.

47. Seeing people carrying coffins in dreams.

48. Seeing people dying in dreams.

49. Been involved in a ghastly be it car, plane or ship accidents in dreams.

50. Seeing oneself drowning in a pool, river, sea or ocean in dreams.

51. Eating with the dead in dreams.

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